The ‘Fédération Internationale Catholique d’Education Physique et sportive‘ – abbreviated FICEP – was founded as ‘Union Internationale des Oeuvres Catholiques d’Education Physique’ in 1911 and currently consists of 12 member states. Its current name was given to the organisation in 1947. The FICEP is an international sports association acting on the basis of ethical ideals of Christianity, advocating the Christian ideas of man in sports and communities.

The FICEP understands sports as a means of development for each individual on the basis of the message of the Gospel regarding physical, mental, social, ethical and cultural aspects. In addition to that the FICEP communicates ideals like fairness, tolerance, charity or respect of life via the means of sports. The organisation assists young people by offering them the possibility to carry out sports activities on an international basis and to engage for the advancement of nations in a globalized world.

As an international organisation the FICEP wants to stay abreast of changes in Europe and all over the world by remaining unsettled for all cultures and nations. Despite of abilities, age, health or sickness, race or colour the FICEP wants to act as an advocate of humans in the world of sports and confirms the presence of Christianity and the church in today’s world.

The FICEP has its head office in Paris and an administrative office in Vienna. The yearly general assembly is the decision making institution of the FICEP. Every year it organizes – in the week after Easter – a convention lasting several days and focusing on the general assembly. Within the framework of the convention committee meetings take place in the areas of sports, youth and pastoral. The board of directors is elected every four years.