The FICEP is an international sports association that – based on the Gospel – wants to promote high-performance and mass sport, community and cultural variety.

The FICEP serves the evangelisation through its work. It receives its values from the message of Jesus Christ. Corresponding to the original meaning of the word “catholic” and “universal” also not-catholic Christians as well as heretics of the diverse national associations attached to the FICEP are welcome if they are prepared to respect FICEP’s goals and tasks.

The FICEP sees its task as a service to the community, independent of abilities and age, health or disease, race or skin colour. They must all have the possibility to unfold their physical, psychical and mental abilities by athletic and many other activities. In order to unfold ones social focus one can take responsibility in the clubs and societies.

The FICEP is aware of its responsibility being recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity as an international catholic association. It testimonialises the presence of the church in today’s world. The FICEP envisions itself as an advocate of people in the world of sports, leisure activities and culture. It feels obliged particularly for the consolidation of diverse peoples and European countries.