The Pastoral Committee of the FICEP wants to communicate that also in the area of sports the message of the Gospel can act as a basis for human development.

Based on this there are the following duties of the Pastoral Committee of the ‘FICEP’:

  1. It desires to promote the development of sportswomen and sportsmen after the Christian model while being aware of the dangers present in the field of sport:
    • through discussions regarding sport ethical topics with representatives of the member countries at FICEP-congresses and in collaboration with the section ‘Chiesa e sport’ in the pontifical lay council
    • through clerical accompaniment at youth camps and FICEP-Masters
    • through good publicity statements regarding current sport (-ethical) topics
  2. It introduces into FICEP – its Steering Committee, its commissions and affiliated associations – Christian values in the fields of sports, culture and education.
  3. It is committed to a humanitarian and Christian culture within the context of FICEP through the creation of suitable infrastructure.
  4. It offers its assistance to other committees, especially through personal accompaniment and cooperation with the preparation of materials and arrangements of FICEP events.
  5. It designs a ‘sporting pastorale’ regarding the different pastoral situations of the member countries within the European Union and above. It takes the specific nature of each member state into account, while always bearing in mind the goals shared by all Christians. This huge task requires a constant flow of information and communication both within the Pastoral Committee itself as well as with other FICEP committees.


© Photo: DJK

Erhard Bechtold (DJK)