The FICEP is a sports association which organizes international sport meetings in several disciplines.

The sports committiee of the FICEP is charged with the organisation of sport meetings and sporting events as well as with everything that is related to these topics: establishment of sportive rules, selection of sporting events, allocation to the equalizers.

One of the main tasks is the organisation and implementation of FICEP-Games. Bilateral sporting events can take place on the initiative of different national associations of the FICEP.

The national associations are self-governed regarding the development and organisation of trainings as well as in the areas of sporting events and mass sports.


The sports committee has the task to observe the international development of sport and its associations and to adapt measures to their needs. It strongly cooperates with the two other committees and aims at a permanent development. The sports committee contributes its experience into aid programmes for the development of sports and associations so that FICEP can gain a foothold in new countries and can contact international European instances or the conferences of bishops of these countries.

Further duties of the sports commission are e.g.:

  • considering, discussing and dealing with the ways in which FICEP’s sports policy is to be implemented
  • defining FICEP’s objectives
  • determining the directives for running the FICEP Games, FICEP Masters and sporting events
  • making contact with representatives of the sporting world
  • observing and influencing trends in sport
  • creating the rules for FICEP sports
  • coordination of settlement competitions
  • discussion of relevant questions of sports medicine and derivation of the resulting consequences (Medical Commission)
  • discussion of possibilities of cooperation with other committees of FICEP


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