The medical committiee is part of the sports committee and is the conversational partner of the FICEP for general medical questions. It especially deals with the topic of Anti-Doping.


  • defines the scope of the medical supply at FICEP competitions and Youth camps via a leaflet
  • supports the promoters of FICEP competitions and Youth camps with the planning and execution of the medical service
  • supervises the organisation of the medical supply at FICEP competitions and Youth camps on-site
  • supervises the correct process of prescribed Doping tests
  • conducts itself Doping tests if necessary
  • deals with all relevant questions of medical supply at competitions and regarding Anti-doping
  • informs associations about all relevant insights regarding medical supply
  • can present suggestions for trainings
  • suggests measures to combat and prevent addictive behaviour and Doping
  • keeps in touch with responsible persons for medical questions of the associations
  • advises FICEP associations regarding medical concerns on request


Foto Dr. Joerg Schmeck

Dr. Jörg Schmeck (DJK)

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