The commitment to the youth is a focus of the FICEP work therefore the youth camp is a central focus of the FICEP youth work since 1973.

The youth committee is an exchange- and information platform whose central topics are sports, community and faith. It enables national associations to work together also on an international basis in the youth (mass sports) area.

FICEP-Youth Camp

During the FICEP Games, the sporting events take pride of place, of course, but at the FICEP youth camps, the most important things are mutual discovery of different mentalities and different cultures as well as making friends.

The FICEP youth camp has a long tradition. It takes place yearly in a different country since 1973 and thereby links national authenticity and culture with an international flair of commonality. Besides athletic activities the cultural exchange and especially the experience of the community are focal point.

The programme includes cultural, sporting and social activities: creative workshops, sight-seeing, sports, evening events and parties, etc.

Youth Committee

The youth committee coordinates the national youth training programme. Its teamwork focuses on the international youth camp which is attended by 150-200 young people aged 14-16 years of all nationalities.

The camp has to be a place of sport, community life and cultural exchanges between nations. The committee’s task is to create conditions that are favourable to fruitful and pleasant conviviality within the framework of this international meeting.

The committee meets several times a year. The occasions are those of the FICEP congress and annual general assembly after Easter, during the youth camp in late July and early August as well as at the autumn meeting in October.