The FICEP has educational tasks.

In its activities the FICEP has an open mind for all people: it wants to advocate social integration, whereas self-esteem and respect regarding dignity of man in his cultural environment are of great importance.

  • FICEP’s basic values are:
    • respect for the human being and his/her dignity
    • personal growth in all its dimensions
    • participation in the construction of a more united world.


  • FICEP’s objectives are:
    • integration between individuals and cultures
    • democracy
    • the spiritual dimension of the human being


  • FICEP exercises its activities in the following areas:
    • sport
    • the arts
    • and leisure.
  • To promote FICEP’s international relations, its members try to:
    • know and understand each other
    • mobilise for communal action
    • respect and love each other.


  • FICEP’s projects manifest themselves in the art of:
    • living: – acting as an example, respecting nature, etc.
    • speaking: -expressing the right values, etc.
    • celebrating: -having parties, holding religious festivals, etc.


  • FICEP’s projects can only be implemented and become effective through the commitment of all, each at their own level:
    • participants
    • educators and instructors
    • managers and those in charge

Each federation that is a member of FICEP has the task of living this charter in its own activities and in particular in all the events it organises, both on the national and the international level. It also has the responsibility of ensuring that its members are familiar with this charter and to convey it to those bodies that it may encounter in its actions and activities.